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Jun 28 2013

TypeTemplateSelector for WinRT

A cheater's way to get implicit DataTemplates in WinRT.

winrt halfwit c# .net xaml
Jun 13 2012

Refactoring Halfwit's Coroutines to C# 5

Ditching MadProps.MvvmLight's coroutine support in favour of async/await.

halfwit c# .net mvvm
Jun 12 2012

Refactoring Halfwit to use C# 5

Making use of C# 5's new async and await keywords in Halfwit.

c# halfwit .net budgie
May 23 2011

A Curious Halfwit HashSet Bug

Halfwit threw an exception! Let's track down the bug.

halfwit c# .net
Feb 17 2011

Blocking a User with Coroutines

An example of using coroutines with MVVM Light in Halfwit

mvvm halfwit coroutines wpf
Jan 10 2011

Memory Usage, Autofac and Transient Objects

Seeing high memory usage in your Autofac-driven application? This might explain why.

.net wpf autofac halfwit
Nov 30 2010

An Icon Overlay Notifier for Halfwit

Halfwit lights up the Windows 7 taskbar with an icon overlay!

halfwit mvvm ioc windows-7
Nov 28 2010

Halfwit Extensibility - Notifications

A rundown of Halfwit's plug-in and eventing model, focusing on new-tweet notifications.

halfwit ioc mvvm
Nov 9 2010

Halfwit Loses Dynamic Columns

The next version of Halfwit will lose a feature but gain performance!

halfwit wpf ui