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Jun 13 2012

Refactoring Halfwit's Coroutines to C# 5

Ditching MadProps.MvvmLight's coroutine support in favour of async/await.

halfwit c# .net mvvm
Oct 7 2011

MadProps.MvvmLight 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of MadProps.MvvmLight is out! Here's the good oil.

mvvm wpf silverlight
Jul 7 2011

The MadProps.MvvmLight ScreenConductor

A new addition to the MadProps.MvvmLight contrib project

mvvm wpf silverlight
Jun 20 2011

NuGet with MEF

Continuing from the previous post, we look at using MEF runtime recomposition with NuGet.

nuget mef mvvm comicster
Jun 19 2011

Using NuGet for Application Plug-Ins

A quick rundown on using NuGet as a "plug-in management system" for your application.

mvvm nuget
Feb 18 2011

Asycnhronous Service Calls with Coroutines

Calling a WCF service asynchronously with a little help from MadProps.MvvmLight

mvvm wcf coroutines
Feb 17 2011

Blocking a User with Coroutines

An example of using coroutines with MVVM Light in Halfwit

mvvm halfwit coroutines wpf
Jan 12 2011

CommandBindings with MVVM

A way to use traditional WPF routed commands with the MVVM pattern.

.net wpf mvvm commands
Jan 10 2011

ViewModel Resolution with Autofac

How I use Autofac to determine the correct ViewModel to use for a given Model object.

.net wpf autofac mvvm
Jan 5 2011

MVVM Light Activities and Exceptions

How should my MVVM Light Coroutine support handle exceptions?

.net wpf mvvm coroutines
Jan 1 2011

MVVM Light ActivityCommand

Let's make better use of our coroutine support in MVVM Light

.net mvvm wpf coroutines
Jan 1 2011


My contrib project to GalaSoft's MVVM Light Toolkit

.net mvvm wpf coroutines
Dec 31 2010

Coroutines with MVVM Light

A simple approach to mimicking Caliburn's coroutines with MVVM Light

.net mvvm wpf coroutines
Nov 30 2010

An Icon Overlay Notifier for Halfwit

Halfwit lights up the Windows 7 taskbar with an icon overlay!

halfwit mvvm ioc windows-7
Nov 28 2010

Halfwit Extensibility - Notifications

A rundown of Halfwit's plug-in and eventing model, focusing on new-tweet notifications.

halfwit ioc mvvm
Nov 24 2010

Nested ViewModels

A way for ViewModel classes to communicate "upstream" in the hiearachy.

mvvm c# ioc