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Oct 14 2013

Budgie 3

What's new in the next release of Budgie?

budgie twitter .net
Jun 28 2013

TypeTemplateSelector for WinRT

A cheater's way to get implicit DataTemplates in WinRT.

winrt halfwit c# .net xaml
Apr 2 2013

Background Tasks in Async Methods

How to start a "fire and forget" Task from an async method without a warning.

c# .net async
Nov 10 2012

WebRequest.GetResponseAsync (with timeout) for PCL

A handy extension method for the Portable Class Library version of WebRequest

c# .net pcl
Aug 21 2012

Smuggler - A Twitter Timeline Downloader

I've knocked up a simple tool to download a user's Twitter timeline, using Budgie.

budgie twitter .net
Jul 31 2012

Generic Repositories Part Deux

In which I admit that I'm coming around to the idea of generic repositories.

data entity-framework c# .net
Jul 30 2012

Generic Data Access Repositories

I've never quite "gotten" generic repositories for data access. Here's why. Tell me why I'm wrong!

entity-framework data c# .net
Jun 13 2012

Refactoring Halfwit's Coroutines to C# 5

Ditching MadProps.MvvmLight's coroutine support in favour of async/await.

halfwit c# .net mvvm
Jun 12 2012

Refactoring Halfwit to use C# 5

Making use of C# 5's new async and await keywords in Halfwit.

c# halfwit .net budgie
Apr 15 2012

Introducing Budgie

Introducing a simple, asynchronous Twitter client library.

twitter budgie .net
Jun 3 2011

Stupid Dynamic Tricks

How I learned to stop worrying and love the dynamic keyword in C#.

c# dynamic comicster .net wpf
May 27 2011

MadProps.AppArgs is on Nuget!

Your new favourite command-line parsing class is now available via Nuget.

madprops.appargs .net c# nuget
May 26 2011


A simple library to help parse command-line arguments.

.net c#
May 23 2011

A Curious Halfwit HashSet Bug

Halfwit threw an exception! Let's track down the bug.

halfwit c# .net
Jan 12 2011

CommandBindings with MVVM

A way to use traditional WPF routed commands with the MVVM pattern.

.net wpf mvvm commands
Jan 10 2011

Memory Usage, Autofac and Transient Objects

Seeing high memory usage in your Autofac-driven application? This might explain why.

.net wpf autofac halfwit
Jan 10 2011

ViewModel Resolution with Autofac

How I use Autofac to determine the correct ViewModel to use for a given Model object.

.net wpf autofac mvvm
Jan 5 2011

MVVM Light Activities and Exceptions

How should my MVVM Light Coroutine support handle exceptions?

.net wpf mvvm coroutines
Jan 1 2011

MVVM Light ActivityCommand

Let's make better use of our coroutine support in MVVM Light

.net mvvm wpf coroutines
Jan 1 2011


My contrib project to GalaSoft's MVVM Light Toolkit

.net mvvm wpf coroutines
Dec 31 2010

Coroutines with MVVM Light

A simple approach to mimicking Caliburn's coroutines with MVVM Light

.net mvvm wpf coroutines
Dec 24 2010

ThumbnailImage - A WPF Custom Control

A WPF custom control that caches a thumbnail of the given image.

.net wpf controls thumbnail image comicster
Dec 9 2010

Anonymous Interface Implementations

Another C# feature I'd like to see.

c# wishlist .net language
Dec 6 2010

TweetSharp Entities

TweetSharp v2 introduces support for "Twitter Entites". Here's a first look.

tweetsharp twitter c# .net wpf
Aug 9 2010

FunnelWeb - Markdown and IoC

How we use Inversion of Control with Markdown rendering in FunnelWeb

funnelweb markdown autofac ioc .net
Jul 28 2010

Type Inference for Constants in C#

I want C# constant declarations to work like Pascal!

c# .net wishlist
Jul 28 2010

Code Kata - Coin Change Problem

Calculating change denomination using Linq!

kata .net c#
Jul 28 2010

I Want a "while" Linq Keyword

I have TakeWhile() ... but I want while

c# .net wishlist
Jul 28 2010

Immutability in C# 5?

How immutability might work in the next version of C#

c# .net wishlist
Jul 27 2010

Give WPF's DatePicker some Keyboard Love

Extend the WPF Toolkit's DatePicker control with new keyboard shortcuts.

wpf datepicker .net c#
Jul 25 2010

FunnelWeb Feeds

How syndication works in FunnelWeb

funnelweb atom feeds .net
Jul 25 2010

Generic Constructor Constraints

A feature I'd like to see in C#

c# .net generics wishlist